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    When you need a stocked scrap yard in Grand Rapids, MI we are the place for you. Ironman Salvage has been supplying individuals with scrap metal and parts for over 22 years. Our scrap yard yields a variety of products and services to make your car renovation or creation a reality.

    When you have started that project and you need affordable scrap parts, our scrap yard has everything you need. I invite you to go through our scrap yard to locate the perfect product to complete your project. Our scrap yard company supplies scrap iron, metals, scrap cars, junk cars. I am always looking for more product to provide to my customers so we will give you cash for your clunkers. Our scrap yard business will also provide you with hard to come by parts. Get rid of that old vehicle that is just taking up space. Our scrap yard collects all types of parts and supplies however, if you can't find it here, I will find it for you. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.

    Give us the chance to help you with your scrap metal needs here at Ironman Salvage and scrap yard. If you have questions or you are looking for a specific part, call us at 616-633-4062.

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    Ironman Salvage is your full service scrap yard, and we will find the right parts for you. Call me today at 616-633-4062 so I can help you with your auto parts needs. We invite you to come by our scrap yard to look for yourself. Some of our services include;

    - Cash For Clunkers
    - Scrap Metal Sales
    - Scrap Iron Sales

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    - Scrap Metal - Scrap Iron - Junk Cars

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